Leon vs Mazatlán (2-1) Game Summary. goals

He the lion Liga MX roared back at the resumption of action in 2023, Defeated Mazatlan FC 2-1In a fight that Controversy culminatedA penalty goal was disallowed in Sinaloans’ favor due to a double touch.

beast He added his second win of the tournament And the Gunners remain winless after a good fight back at the Nou Camp Federico Vinas gave his team 3 points with a great goal.

The Sinaloans had a good fight, in fact they went first on the scoreboard, and in the end they seemed to suffer from the decision of referee Maximiliano Quintero, who relied on VAR.

The game moved on and in the 7th minute Mazatlán FC had already won, the game started Wolf And the title that the same Ivorian made it 1-0. It was so fast, the African left Brian Kolula, who dropped Josh Coleman; The Paraguayan makes no mistake in crossing and moving the forward marker.

Little by little they squeezed into the locality. Angel Mena puts a cross over Federico Vinas, tries to finish with his foot and puts it to one side in the 17′; 2 minutes later, the same Uruguayan headed a cross from Lucas Romero into the hands of visiting goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez.

Canoneros tried to increase the advantage and newcomers. Ramiro Arzica made it one-on-one in the 26′, which was directed by Alfonso Blanco; He took the corner kick, where Loba finished on one side.

In the 28′ Jose Ivan Rodríguez broke into the Sinalon area and Lyon were unable to score.

Towards the end of the first half, Ivan Moreno put in a cross for Mena, who in the 45′ beat him with his left foot on the side, thus going to the break.

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Launching the plugin, Mena took it again from Moreno to make it 1-1A cut and Shoot in front of Gonzalez To beat the visiting goalkeeper.

Lyon took advantage of the scoreboard in the 60′. When Viñas received from Steven Barreiro and from behind he defined Lucas Merola before the mark.A superb goal to make it 2-1 to the locals.

After assisting Leon’s goal, Barreiro 63′, plays AK LobaThe play continued and Whistler was called to VAR, which in 66′ marked a penalty for those from Pearl of the Pacific.

The ball is picked up by Coleman, who takes the penalty well 68′; It was considered good, but later controversy arose because a double tap canceled it The Paraguayan fell while shooting.

The result demoralized the Gunneros, who lost Kolula to relegation, thus closing out a game that seemed to add up, but in the end they couldn’t.

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