Chocolate MC takes his family and neighborhood residents to the Cayo Santa María festival

Cuban musician Chocolate M.C He took his family and neighbors to a music festival in Cayo Santa Maria and booked them into eight rooms at a hotel in the resort, he announced on Instagram.

“The whole family, my children, my nephews, my brothers, even my grandmother, almost the whole neighborhood to the key. 8 rooms, 25 people, including relatives and wives from the neighborhood,” he said in the release. That he would not miss the beer.

The artist, who this week stood up to critics of the Santa Maria music festival, particularly those who argue that supporting it is a face-wash against the regime and aiding the dictatorship, also sent a message to its detractors. Their influencers are Alexander Otola and Alain Paparazzi.

“Otaola, you think I can take care of what you say????? Alain paparazzi, my grandmother says shits in your heart,” she posted.

She said that because the festival is in Cuba, her family and neighborhood friends can enjoy the beach.

As for the festival, he was convinced that it would be successful and open the doors to many more festivals, “Jay Z can sing, Madonna can sing, Beyoncé can sing, Usher can sing, like all the countries around the world can sing to Cuba (…)”.

“What is my dictatorship to me? Let the whole world go and sing for Cuba,” he added.

Those who support his words are divided on one side as those who take revenge on him not seeing that all the money goes into the hands of the regime and with this the oxygen is filled with power, while on the other side his fans stay before. Words from a reggaeton player.

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The music festival has also been controversial, as dozens of Cubans have taken to the Internet to denounce the fraud they experienced at the event, when they booked and arrived at Cayo Santamaria to discover they were there. Overbooked rooms Now they have nowhere to stay.

A young woman who identifies herself as Cathy Havana on Instagram aired the situation she was experiencing since she arrived at Gran Mutu Hotel at 6:00pm on Thursday.

The young woman said that she did not sleep all night and was allowed to go inside the restaurant this morning for breakfast, but there was no sugar to add to the curd.

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