Opposition parties are talking about the 2024 election issue


Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) President Miguel Vargas Maldonado said during a tour of San Cristóbal that his party will define its presidential candidacy in November this year.

People’s Force leader Lionel Fernandez in Asua said he has set his sights on the political formation that will win the first round of the 2024 elections.

As for the White Party, Vargas made the announcement this weekend with a tour through Santo Domingo Este and San Cristóbal.

He confirmed that they are focusing on strengthening the PRD and fielding their own candidates at different levels for the next elections.

“Whoever comes to talk about alliance, tell him to go somewhere else, we are striving to bring our own candidates at all levels,” he asserted.

This is not the time to talk about alliances. The cry of the PRT is that we are carrying our own candidates in congressional, municipal and presidential constituencies,” Vargas said. “We saw a model of colleagues working for their candidates, which is essential for the critical position of the PRD in 2024,” he continued.

Vargas also pointed out: “It is important that we have a clear discourse on the PRD’s position on its own candidates at all levels.”

“We will be a presidential candidate in November,” Vargas confirmed.

When the reconstituted leadership of the PRD took office in San Cristóbal.

People’s Army

“My vision is already there to win the first round,” said Fernández in a meeting with the productive sectors of the Ashua community, who told them that the People’s Army was already built around the polling stations. Voters.

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He also highlighted the continuous development of the People’s Army.

The political leader indicated that when the target of two million Dominicans registered in the register deposited with the Central Electoral Council is reached, the polls conducted will not give him less than 40%.

“With 40% voter turnout a year before the election, you already know what’s going to happen, there will be a massive exodus of other parties to the People’s Army,” declared former President Fernandez while leading an event in Asua.


Electoral Basis.

To ensure the success of this party, the leader of the FP emphasized that “we must recapture the electoral social support, and that electoral base, our historical power, is two million citizens. So we already have the first million.

Population census.

“We have added 217 thousand; I mean, it’s already one million two hundred and seventeen thousand”, said Lionel.

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