the sci-fi festival examines the Transformations from October 29 to November 1 in Nantes

Transitions, evolutions, adaptations and mutations will be the main axes that this new edition of the science fiction festival will explore, an event in XXL format with more than 200 guests and 150 meetings around cinema, literature, visual arts, video games …

Where to start? This is THE question that comes up every year for those like you who want to report on this event as the schedule is so busy. Over the years, the International Science Fiction Festival has become one of the most important events in this field in all of Europe.

In numbers. 205 guests, 154 literary, scientific and artistic meetings, 8 exhibitions, 67 feature films and short films, 8 conferences in sign language … and several thousand expected visitors, these are the numbers that already give a good overview of the thing …

The topic. After encode decode in 2019, the festival should focus in 2020 on Traits, before it was finally canceled due to the pandemic. The 2021 edition will question the Transformations the smallest and the largest results from this under four axes, Transitions, Evolutions, Adaptations and Mutations, all precisely in light of the pandemic that we are experiencing, as the organizers explain:

“Science fiction foresaw this and the Scourge is here. For the first time in its history, our species may have to face a common calamity around the world. We are all human beings shoulder to shoulder to face the situation. Collectively. Will we do tomorrow? Will we be able to reform our desires, behaviors, and uses enough to meet the trials that await us? Transformation may be the key to the future ”.

Next year, by Miguel Campana, selected film in the international short film competition

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Conferences, debates and round tables. The main theme, obviously, will be the common thread. In detail and in disarray, the authors and scientists will be interested in militant superheroes, artificial intelligences that write novels, the transformation of work, fluid transport, the managers of the future, pedagogy. pangolin blues or even nostalgia for the future. Some lectures are interpreted in sign language, consult.

The ephemeral University of Utopiales To deepen your knowledge with confirmed experts, the short-lived University of Utopiales will be held at Lieu Unique in the company of Blandine Comte, who will introduce us to predictive biology, and Hervé Cottin, who will discuss the possible emergence of life. on earth …

Carbon and Silicon, by Mathieu Bablet in the Ankama editions selected for the Utopiales BD Award

Professor Zutop’s School is aimed at younger people, with adapted lectures and simple questions about science fiction, atom or vaccines.

The exhibitions. There will be eight of them this year, including a dive into the world of Alex Alice, author of the Utopiales 2021 poster, and around comics. Grendizer by Xavier Dorison, Denis Bajram, Brice Cossu, Alexis Sentenac and Yoann Guillo.

Subscription sessions. Writers, comic book authors, scientists …, you are in the heart of the largest science fiction bookstore in the universe, open during the festival, where you can find your favorite authors, buy their books and dedicate …

Cinema sessions. Retrospective, documentaries, special screenings, international short and feature film competitions, the cinema will once again be the center of the party with around 67 films screened.

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beauty, by Mamohu Hosoda, selected film in the international feature film competition

The guests. 205 guests, that’s a lot of people at the table. They come from literature, science, movies, video games. Their names are Pierre Bordage, Joël Doré, Sophie Szopa, Léa Murawiec, Ugo Bienvenu, Xavier Dorison, Marc-Antoine Mathieu, Yoann, François Boucq, MR Carey, Céline Minard, Alex Alice, Sarah Stern, François Desagnat …

But also : Awards to reward the best productions of the moment, films, soap operas or comics, an entertainment center, a video game center, an Asian center, a story contest …

Bef, a copious program for experts in the genre, amateurs or just curious. More information here

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