Demi Rose wears a Marilyn Monroe style swimsuit

once again Flirting model Of British descent Half a rose She shared a post in which she appeared wearing a very impressive white swimsuit in the style of a famous model and actress Marilyn Monroe.

For a couple of years the name of this beautiful model began to become popular, despite her short stature she received affection and especially the admiration of millions, as she hypnotized more than one of her amazing curves.

We usually see Half a rose Wearing lightly revealing outfits, the British model takes care of her content so that the account she has on her online platform goes unnoticed, which is hard to do because it is free like Ana Cherry.

22 hours ago this beautiful ex-girlfriend of Kim Kardashian’s sister, rapper Tycoon, who was the partner of businessman Kylie Jenner, shared this content and already has almost 400 thousand red hearts.

Demi Rose wearing Marilyn Monroe-style swimsuit Instagram Demiros

The design of the two piece swimwear she wears is unusual, in terms of the dresses and beach suits she usually wears, and since it is not small, it immediately reminds us of one of the best photos of Marilyn Monroe.

Click here If you want to see photos.

Half a rose She stands out on social media, especially on Instagram, because her flirting posts can be a bit risky, always taking care not to show something irrelevant.

Her latest release is a total of four photos, all of which show her flirting with a pale green mattress.

Each picture is the same as the previous one, the position of her beautiful face looks a little different, the person in charge of capturing her beauty in the last two photos has moved a little to take a different angle and is slightly different.

One of the nicknames of Demi Rose m by Pi is “La Saparida de Fuego” because she is 1.57 centimeters tall and has huge curves.

Not only being a model, she also entered the fashion world as an entrepreneur, starting different outfits with the Pretty Little Thing brand, with whom she has been showcasing her outfits for a long time.

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