Espacio Municipalista demands that action be taken in the commercial regeneration of the Rondas

Plaza del Torico in Teruel. Photo: (CC)

LA comprehensive proposal that compiles a series of urban improvement measures and actions aimed at revitalizing the commercial area of ​​the Ambeles and Dámaso Torán rounds will be brought to the Infrastructure Commission for training.

Recently Espacio Municipalista – EMT has maintained contacts with merchants in the area where they have exchanged opinions regarding ways to improve this part of the historic center, and once their demands have been heard, they formulate a proposal to the government of Emma Buj.

Councilor Zésar Corella points out that merchants and their training coincided in “positively evaluating the reduction in speed” of circulation on this road at 30 km / h and in the need to “widen the sidewalks and have more pedestrian and green space”, improving also the connections with the spaces that look to San Julián.

As more concrete measures, which could have an immediate implementation and that would generate an attraction and a greater public in this area, they raise the possibility that “the Tourist Train stop is installed in front of the bus station”, allowing visitors to be attracted to this area from the center without subtracting the Plaza del Torico, as this is an unavoidable place of visit.

They also propose to locate in the square “above the bus station a children’s area and the installation of a kiosk and terrace, with pergolas that provide shade and a change of fence to make Las Arcillas visible”, as an easy-to-implement measure that would help to they generate a new place of spacing in the historic center, which today there is a need for spaces of these characteristics.

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Equally worrisome is the lack of shade in summer and the absence of trees that can generate it in the round, so they want a project to be drawn up for the “planting of trees throughout the round in order to create a greener and more shading “as well as” the current pruning system is changed “since very aggressive ones are carried out that do not let the branches grow.

They recognize that there are more complicated measures to implement, but that they can be worked on for a medium term, such as the negotiation with the property of the plot adjacent to the Ambeles restaurant for the creation of a public access space, on a provisional basis, where they could install terraces and elements for sports or children’s games, following the philosophy of “this is not a lot”, which give life to degraded and disused spaces.

They also consider it appropriate to recover and update the project promoted by the Municipal Mobility Office in 2014, which proposed the “reduction to two traffic lanes” the Avenida Sagunto – Rondas – Carretera de Alcanyiz axis.

On the other hand, Espacio Municipalista – EMT demands to promote strategic projects for the city, and demands that contacts with Adif be initiated “as soon as possible” in order to start up the intermodal station in the valley to release and define uses of the current bus station.

The councilor of the training Zésar Corella affirms that this space in the center of the city “is an appropriate place to promote commerce and enable areas of use and enjoyment by citizens and children”, therefore they demand from the government team a “planning of interventions, sequenced in time ”, which allow“ to advance and improve this area by first performing the easiest and most economical ones ”.

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