The owner of a ‘The Flintstones’ house reaches an agreement with the city to sue for his dinosaur sculptures


28 June 2021 02:25 GMT

Florence Pong accused Hillsborough officials of discriminating against Chinese.

The owner of the controversial ‘The Flintstones’ themed house has settled a lawsuit against Hillsborough, an American city in California. Protect your dinosaurs and other sculptures Inspired by the cartoons of the 60s, Information Local media.

The controversy began when a city official mentioned that Florence Pong, a retired businessman and teacher, had large sculptures of animated characters, which read “Yappa Dabba Doo” and other changes to the landscape on his property. Was considered a public nuisance.

On several occasions they informed the woman to interrupt the work, and warned her of special permission to install such items, so that she had to make several changes to the property. Fang refused to follow these rules, forcing authorities to go to court in 2019, but Defendant, who responded, said he was being discriminated against In order to be Chinese.

Fang’s lawyer, Angela Allio, said there may have been other residents who did not have permission for their statues or reconstruction, but they did not face the same persecution from the city because they were not Chinese.

Finally, the two parties to the dispute reached an agreement that would allow the owner to obtain the necessary permits, thus keeping the colorful characters in her home along with other oddities. In addition, the city of Hillsboro Pay 5,000 125,000 per woman As compensation for costs incurred by the lawsuit.

For his part, Fang vowed to withdraw his claims regarding racial discrimination and against two city employees, who initially said it would be difficult to obtain his permits.

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