The real story behind Hamilton and Leclerc’s disqualifications at the Formula 1 United States GP

Four holes in the wooden plank that goes into the floor of F1 cars (@AlbertFabrega)

Super professionalism of the teams Formula 1 Directing them to work hard to avoid any technical incident. However, circumstances can create an impact in Maxima, and that’s what happened this Sunday. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) then United States Grand Prix Controversial in Circuit of the United StatesEighteenth of the season in Austin, Texas.

The reason for both is that the irregularities in the undercarriage of the cars prevent them from moving closer to the ground, which would give better performance, as it further reduces air intake. This is key to the regulatory change imposed from 2022 with floor effect returning to the category after 40 years.

Not every wooden floor can finish every race with more than 10mm of wear.. That thickness was surpassed by the English and Monaco cars, which is why they were excluded and lost all the points they had earned. Hamilton finished second and Leclerc sixth. There are four holes to check the thickness, which can be seen in the picture uploaded by the engineer and journalist Albert Fabrega on his social networks. Three of those holes were well hit.

Lewis Hamilton ahead of Charles Leclerc at Circuit of the Americas this Sunday (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

Why did yours do poorly? Those holes were probably heavier because of the longer sprints (known as stints) and the fuel consumed in that authorized millimeter. It doesn’t change the performance of the car, but the rules International Automobile Federation (FIA) is inflexible and everyone involved in the competition knows the rules before the season starts.

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Another thing to remember is that on this date was the Sprint, a Saturday race equivalent to a third of the Sunday race. After Saturday’s action, the cars will be stored in Park Ferm and teams will not be able to touch them. So, they didn’t agree to see the ground conditions until after Sunday’s race.

It should be remembered that these checks are random, and in this case they were Hamilton And LeclercBut, for example, in Suzuka AutodromeIn JapanNo car has been tested Lucille AutodromeIn QatarThere were three verified monopostos.

Technical checks in Formula 1 are inconsistent (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

How do authorities choose the cars to check? The game staff chooses the cars at random. German Joe Bauer He is the FIA’s technical representative at Grand Prix and has responsibility with the technical stewards team. The criteria used by an analysis carried out during the race is if they see any significant performance, strange movement or loss of aerodynamic part or any other element that attracts their attention.

In technical checks, other components such as fuel samples, engine oil, steering, weight, MGU-K (converts braking energy into electrical energy), MGU-K (utilizes engine gases to generate) are also analyzed. electrical power), batteries, brakes, aileron and flap gauges (aerodynamic linkages) and software, to name a few.

Due to exceptions Hamilton And LeclercThe battle for the best non-Red Bull driver has four dates left to finish the season. Sergio “Chego” Perez He finished second behind teammate and three-time world champion Max Verstappen. The Mexican has 2040 points and will be racing on home soil this Sunday.

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Then they are located Hamilton (201), Fernando Alonso (183), he encountered problems with his engine Aston Martin in Austin; And Carlos Sainz (171), which is now leading in the face of losing units from its partner Ferrari Leclerc.

The action continues in North America next weekend Mexican Grand Prix It contains Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome Aztec capital.

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