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What does a butterfly eat? It is inevitable to ask this question in the environment in which we find ourselves today. The answer is spread out along the ascending atrium, which wraps around the five floors of a brightly lit building on the last block of vibrant La Mar Avenue: it’s papaya. There are pieces placed at strategic points, where the butterflies stop, feed and rest. Dozens of specimens are scattered throughout the building, in a designated space.

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Hence the name: La Mar Iposario. This type of urban sanctuary dedicated to butterflies (Peru is one of the countries with the largest number of species) is open to the public who visit the place at no cost. Kids can explore, observe, and even slide down the slide. For adults, the experience is also surprising. As brothers Jean-Paul and Paula Poblet tell us (he runs the bar and she runs the kitchen), the idea of ​​La Mar-iposario is to create a concept that revolves around nature (specifically, the Amazon) from its most sensual aspect: sight, smell, taste. The latter is where we will focus.

Saltado morfo: pieces of loin, shrimp and bacon, served with patacones and a portion of oriental rice.

La Mar-iposario has been operating in Miraflores for ten years, but we found some relatively recent changes on this visit. First of all, on the first and second floors you will find today’s Salón Morpho, run by Paula, a restaurant that offers comforting snacks, where Amazonian ingredients are used, without the jungle food concept. They are a creative fusion, with a license to the proposals and an author’s touch. We find, for example, the “Avanado” risotto, inspired by Joan. With coriander sacha, cabbage chicken, bacon and achiote. Or pesto pasta with panko bread. There’s also room for flavors a little further out, like Mediterranean octopus with chickpeas, avocado and peppers, or black pasta with prawns, loach and sautéed prawns in white wine. The common thread here is color.

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The “rooftop” is located on the fifth floor and includes a large room and a bar.

The third and fourth floors of the building are occupied by Morphology clothing store and health center respectively. To reach the fifth floor, you can go up through the internal corridors or use the elevator, whichever you prefer. The Rooftop is a unique place with its own menu of snacks and cocktails, and is the perfect place for evenings or weekends; Above all, if you want to end your Sunday well, with a brunch generous in portions and rich in variety. //

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Brunch special

Every Sunday, from 10am to 3pm, the rooftop of this space serves a colorful brunch with the best house cocktails. There are all kinds of eggs (including Amazonian eggs), peppered ham, roast beef or baked bacon sandwiches, and of course plain French toast and croissants.

Nearby nature

The butterflies in the building’s interior space (which extends across five floors) come from Tarapoto, Madre de Dios and Iquitos. There are currently five species, but before the pandemic there were up to 20 species. It is not necessary to pay to see it.

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