The real science behind your eyes

I’ve had a headache for several weeks.

And it doesn’t disappear.

So much so that I forced myself to waste time in endless waiting rooms just so I could sit under the tired eyes of doctors. Although I must say that I was very lucky with the doctor who treated me. He must have come from a long line of psychics and fortune tellers, because while I was telling him my woes, the man didn’t even need to take his eyes off his computer to find a cure.

He grabbed a piece of paper from his desk, rolled it up, and threw it at his colleague.

He told me to go to the eye doctor.

And that’s how I found this week’s guest.

I discovered Conchi Lillo like a revelation, the aspect that online recommendations now take thanks to the algorithm. The Russian spying on us on the phone must have heard in one of my conversations that I needed to go to the eye doctor or they had to put me in glasses. In due course, a very interesting interview conducted by the great Alex Fidalgo with a neuroscientist specializing in the visual system caught my attention.

In recent years, Kunci Lilo has become one of the most respected voices in the world of neuroscience. In addition to being a professor of cell biology at Salamanca College, she has published more than 50 scientific articles in the most prestigious journals in the world, such as nature, Sciences also nervous cells. But best of all, he’s just published an exciting book called… open your eyes! It explains why men see fewer colors than women, how our visual system will evolve in the future, why pirates wore patches, or most importantly, why some saw blue and others saw the suit spread gold.

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If you are one of me and also have eyes on your face, then this conversation will very likely interest you:

If you don’t have those songs, you can also listen to them Spotify, Applepodcast also Evox.

If you prefer, you also have the option to watch the interview Alex Fidalgo did that with Conchi Lilo back then. Alex is a journalist and has worked in radio, so I can tell you he’s better at being in front of the microphone than I am.

By the way.

The specialists say that there is nothing wrong with me. Which I see perfectly.

Goodbye to the illusion that I see myself on the back cover of my next novel with the air of an educated intellectual.


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