Google and the latest version of Android 14 solve one of the Pixel’s biggest problems

Android’s ‘seamless’ updates are starting to work faster, so now Samsung and other manufacturers will decide to use them.

The new Pixel 8 Pro’s ‘Pure Google’ screen and interface. / Photo: Christian Collado

We have long known that Google It wants to force all manufacturers to accept the new A/B update system on Android Seamless updates And it has a very important innovation for users It promises to make the smartphone or tablet work during the updateIt will apparently install and start working after a simple reboot.

That sounds good on paper, but Pixel phones Created by Google Always warned Huge slowdown when applying the update That secondary share, more than 30 minutes, is something Mountain View has been trying to reduce in every possible way for some time.

Now we know that The problem is more or less solved by GoogleAnd a community of Pixel phone users has sprung up reddit The comment suggests that the Android 14 QPR2 beta 1 update was released a few days ago It will install in few minutes6 or 7 should be specific, confirming the grand hierarchy in this sense.

It really is one of the best Historical Issues of Pixel MobilesIt always is Even though the device was working, it took a long time to update When terminating a process, the end always requires a restart by the user, who obviously waits to accept said restart.

The popular A/B (or ‘seamless’) updates that Google has historically wanted to mandate on Android have improved to the point where they can be installed in minutes, so it’s time for Samsung and others to follow suit.

Perhaps for this reason, Samsung and other manufacturers They have always maintained the idea that Don’t accept unattended Android updatesInstalling them in the foreground and using them in the terminal is not possible, but in a more restricted and less fast way.

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With this advancement in practice and now at a faster pace, Time to force Samsung and others to use these Seamless updates So when our phones are updated with the latest news, we can always continue using them In secondary memory partitioning Will be active after reboot.

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