Historical version with plus-size contestants, single mothers and trans candidates

Competition Miss Universe It has chosen to renew itself instead of dying It has relaxed its once strict beauty standards And for its 2023 version it is LInclusion of women with disabilities, plus size women and mothers Their participation would have been unthinkable in the past.

The 72nd edition of the prestigious pageant will be held in El Salvador this year. 84 candidates participated Presence of representatives in this Nepal, Colombia, Guatemala, Netherlands and Portugal.

And the point is that the contestants had to be single before, without children, women by birth and with a physique that had to be covered by certain measurements and beauty standards, even after this edition. Trans entrepreneur Annie Jagrajudadip Take control of the system.

“For 70 years the organization was dominated by men, but we have made a change and it is time for women to be leaders. Welcome to the new era of women power site. It’s going to be something that women lead for you, including transgender people,” Jagrajudadip said after taking over the reins of the Miss Universe brand in 2022.

Miss Guatemala has two children and is married

Miss Universe 2023 Participants

For this version, Miss Nepal She is the first plus size candidate in the pageant’s history. Jane Deepika Garrett 22 years old and a nurse in the profession marks a watershed in the competition representing the movement Body positive and challenges traditional beauty standards.

Mothers and married women will be represented this year Colombia and Guatemala with participation Camila Avella and Michael Cohnrespectively.

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The representative of Nepal marked a watershed

All of them She has been married to businessman Nasif Kamle since June 2020 and they are parents to a little girl. Columbian seeks to prove that beauty does not conflict with motherhood.

“I want to show the universe how capable women are, and being a mother should be an example and an inspiration for us to work hard to achieve our goals. One of them,” she said via her Instagram account.

For her part, Gone is married to Becca Andrés Mathieu and is the mother of Luca and Bella, and would like to become her country’s first Miss Universe.

Miss Portugal is one of only two transgender women in the current pageant

For transgender people, representation falls on their shoulders Marina MacheteRepresentative Portugal And Ricky Valerie Kolle of Netherlands Who will follow in the footsteps Angela Ponce Represented Spain in 2018.

She has the honor of being the first transgender to compete For the title of Miss Universe Portugal. I have not been able to participate for many years and am proud to be a part of this incredible group of finalists today,” he said. Machi is 28 years old.

“It’s unreal, but I have to call myself Miss Netherlands 2023. It’s been an educational and beautiful journey, my year can’t be broken anymore. I’m proud and happy beyond words. To make my community proud and to show that it can be done. Yes, I’m trans and want to share my story, but I’m also Ricky That’s what matters to me. “I did this on my own and I loved every moment of it,” she wrote on social media. Miss Netherlands, 22 years old.

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