The owners of the parking lots will be able to distribute their space for a fee

The owners of the parking lots will be able to distribute their spaces, for a fee, through the yeParking application.

The parking space must be private property and not public domain. The owners will be able to establish an amount of hours or days to leave the space available and will receive money for it.

Each owner establishes a rate that he wants to apply for his parking space. After the distribution of the space, the monthly profit can even reach 100 euros.

The initiative is necessary in many cities in Romania, where there are very few parking spaces.

“Most of the private parking lots are empty during the day, since the owners are at work or on business in the city. But they can make a substantial profit. And the process is simple, everything is done from the mobile phone, through our app. Therefore we are trying to encourage park sharing, already famous throughout Europe, but we are trying to offer as many parking options as possible to community drivers. Now we can say that we offer a complex service. And our plans will not stop here, “said Mihai Lodoabă, CEO and one of the founders of yeParking.

The application is available on Android and iOS operating systems.


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