We will win! We are waiting for the final results, but we are not in vain

Former Vice President Joe Biden made his fourth public appearance on Friday night after the November 3 presidential election. Since he lived in Wilmington, Delaware, the message for Americans has been the same as in previous days: be patient, be calm, we will win. But some nuances show that Joe Biden is already preparing to return to the White House as president.

Although this was expected in the morning, Joe Biden’s public appearance took place near midnight (time on the east coast of the United States). The delay is explained by the fact that the Democrats may wait for the end of the electoral process in some states where the number of votes will continue so that he can declare his victory. As the votes were still being counted, Joe Biden avoided asking for his victory in advance, insisting that “every vote must be counted.”

“Maybe watching TV makes you feel like it’s hard to count the votes, but don’t forget, it’s not just the numbers, it’s your votes,” Joe Biden called on Americans to be patient and calm again. “Democracy works, your votes will be counted. I’m not going to let that stop me, “said Joe Biden, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

In fact, his opponent’s name was not even mentioned in the November 3 election. Joe Biden focused on a message of peace and solidarity: “We have a lot of problems to solve, we don’t have time for wars,” said the former vice president of the Obama administration.

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“We are waiting for the final results, but we are not in vain,” the Democratic candidate wanted to emphasize, drawing up a profile of the future president. He, along with his team’s vice president Kamala Harris, said they were already working and were ready to take the first steps “from day one” when they arrived at the White House. Fighting the epidemic will be paramount, for which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have already consulted with experts, Joe Biden explained. Other priorities are the economy, unemployment caused by epidemics, but also global warming, Joe Biden said.

The former vice president was voted in by more than 74 million Americans, a complete record. Moreover, he pointed out that the people voted 4 million more votes than his opponent. It shows that people want change, as Joe Biden pointed out, and reaffirmed that he will be president for all Americans and that he is not an enemy of anyone. “Don’t forget who we are: we are the United States of America,” Biden concluded, suggesting that the United States has an image to hold even internationally.

He promised that Americans would come forward with a new message on Saturday.

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