The State of Georgia announces the number of votes. What is the reason for implementation

The official announcement of the winner of the US election has been postponed again. On Wednesday, Georgia’s top election official announced that the U.S. government would manually describe all the votes from the November 3 presidential election.

The difference between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump in Georgia is only 14,111 votes.

“Mathematically, all (bulletin) in each district should be thoroughly reviewed in the manual because the difference is so small that it will help build confidence,” Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Rafenzberger told a news conference.

“We want to start this decision by the weekend,” the official added.

All allegations related to election fraud will be investigated

Rafensberger noted that about 5 million votes were cast in Georgia.

“This match has national significance, national significance and we understand this,” he added.

Brad Rafenberger said he would investigate all allegations of election fraud, but did not signal that there was evidence of widespread irregularities.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden does not need Georgia’s election votes to win the election. He defeated the required 270 election votes by a victory announced by the media on Saturday morning in Pennsylvania.

He writes that Georgia’s decision could gain prominence if the score reversal occurs in other states, which is not yet possible. AcerPress.

Mike Pompeo is sure Trump has won a new White House post

Meanwhile, the head of US diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, did not acknowledge Trump’s defeat and did not implicitly recognize Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election. He promised Republican Donald Trump a “smooth transition” for a “second” term on Tuesday.

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When asked about the steps taken by the State Department, a key national defense ministry, to switch teams to the president-elect, Mike Pompeo said “there will be a smooth transition to the second Trump administration.”

“We will count all the votes,” he told a news conference, assuring leaders around the world that “this is a legal process” that will “take time.”

“The foreign ministry must act today and the world must fully believe that working with the current president on the afternoon of January 20 will be a successful change,” the secretary of state continued. US Government.

“This ministry is fully committed to ensuring that elections around the world are safe, free and fair, and that my agents are risking their lives to make this happen,” he said, adding that asking about Donald Trump’s position was “absurd” to undermine these efforts.

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