The Ministry of Science invests 430 million pesos to build the headquarters of the Gino Germani Institute

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has announced that offers will be received for the tender for the new headquarters of the Gino Germani Research Institute (IGG) of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, until next Tuesday, March. 14. Iris (UBA). The agreed budget for the work is 430,152,323 pesos, with an implementation period of 540 calendar days.

The call falls within Federal program “Building Science”, which aims to contribute to the strengthening of scientific research capacities, development and technological innovation of the institutions of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI), by creating or adapting their own infrastructures that allow improvement in the development of scientific and technological activity; Connecting and transferring activities and activities for the dissemination and dissemination of science and technology.

The project will be located on a large remaining area of ​​the University of Buenos Aires property, where the Faculty of Social Sciences currently operates. It is located in the city of Buenos Aires, in the block bounded by Santiago del Estero, Humberto 1, San Jose and Carlos Calvo, and exits through the latter. The building will consist of a ground floor and 4 floors with a specific area of ​​403.06 square meters and the possibility of housing approximately 700 people working in it.

In this regard, Filmos noted that “if we invest in science and technology and create conditions for universities to grow and work with CONICET in research, it is because we believe in a sovereign state. Today sovereignty necessarily passes through scientific and technological development.” In this regard, he cautioned, “We are in a country with an enormous debt to our people, which is why our investigations can think of nothing more than contributing to a model of growth and development related to social integration. It is a matter of pride that we can give something back to UBA for all that it has given us, Thus, UBA gives back to people what they strive every day to uphold.

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For her part, the Director of National Planning at the Ministry of Sciences and former Dean of Social Services, Carolina Mira, confirmed that Germani “is the largest institute in Argentina and one of the largest in Latin America. distinguishes lines and opens up areas of investigation.” Likewise, Mira – who was Director of the Institute in 2005-2009 and 2013-2018 – explained that the importance of this work lies in the fact that since its inception, the IIGG has never been at the headquarters of the Faculty of Social Sciences “because Because most of their members are teachers, they have to cross town to meet their teams or give lessons.

About IGG
The Gino Germani Research Institute is the largest social sciences research center in Argentina, and also the largest of the University of Buenos Aires. There are 275 researchers, 230 fellowships, and 115 research assistants and administrative staff working there. The IGG, building on its international recognition, provides important input from visiting scholars and international students who are in residence or work with the Institute’s teams.

Currently, 125 research projects are being carried out, there are 45 study groups and 12 programs on various topics in the field of social sciences. This includes areas such as urban and rural studies, migration studies, gender and sexuality studies, health studies, political theory and philosophy, culture, social change, social stratification, education, methodology, the state, public and environmental policies; Cinema and Photography, Communication and Security, East Asia, Memory and Recent History, Youth, Working Conditions, Social Protest and Teamwork, Mental Health, Penal System, Sport and Society, Sociology of Literature, Contemporary Theater and Tourism, among many others. others.

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IIGG researchers are mostly professors from the School of Social Sciences and graduates of positions taught in (sociology, political science, communication sciences, social work, and labor relations). However, the interdisciplinary character of the institute is enriched by academics from other disciplines such as history, law, philosophy, anthropology, economics and literature, among others.

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