Quindio, out $40,000 million for science projects

In total, 14 Colombian departments, including Risaralda, benefit in the coffee area. Quindio and Caldas are not included, according to information provided by the OCAD for Sciences conducted at the Technological University of Pereira.

Franchise resources will be invested in science, technology and innovation (CTeI) in regions of Colombia. This was stated by the Minister of Science and Technology, Arturo Luna, immediately after the conclusion of the 28th session of the Collegiate Body for Management and Decision (OCAD), held at the facilities of the Technological University of Pereira.

OCAD members, made up of universities, provincial and national governments, have approved $40 billion, of which $38.8 billion is from the General System of Royalties (SGR) and $1.2 billion in counterparts from various participating entities.

“In the Government of Change we are committed to promoting actions that contribute to the progress of the regions. With the approved resources, eight investment projects will be implemented in science, technology and innovation. One project seeks to strengthen science centers in the Colombian Caribbean for research, innovation and social adoption of knowledge, and seven projects focus to enhance innovative capabilities to increase the competitiveness, productivity and social development of the country”, stressed the head of the Science Portfolio, Arturo Luna.

beneficiary departments

Through the development and implementation of these initiatives, it is expected that they will benefit more than 3,600 people in the provinces of: Amazonas, Atlantico, Bolívar, Cesar, Córdoba, Guaviare, La Guajira, Magdalena, Meta, Risaralda, Sucre, San Andrés, Valle. Del Cauca and Vaubes. In addition, it is expected to generate 153 direct jobs and 306 indirect jobs.

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For his part, the Rector of the Technological University of Pereira, Luis Fernando Gaviria, highlighted one of the projects realized during the session that will directly benefit the coffee region: “The OCAD approved 4,186 million pesos for the Technology and Business Development Center Risaralda. This strengthens the operations of the node business so that they can obtain support and strengthen their projects, programs and projects, and thus progress from knowledge in the economic and social development of the region.

The national government is making significant contributions, through science, technology and innovation, to building a more equitable society based on enhancing knowledge and enhancing the country’s productivity, development and competitiveness.

These are the approved projects (SGR Resources -CTeI):

• The Caribbean: two (2) projects at a value of $9,299 million

• Pacific Ocean: One (1) project for $5,000 million

• The coffee area: one (1) project for $4,083

• Llanos: Three (3) projects with a value of $14.875 million

• South Centre: One (1) project with a value of $5,622 million

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