Jurgen Dom slammed the Mexican footballer at half-time

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Jurgen Dam He analyzed the current state of Mexican soccer players after El Tri failed in Qatar in 2022. American player expresses He wants team owners to be more flexible when it comes to selling players, though he noted that Players don’t make good decisions When they have Opportunity of let go want Old continent.

What did Jürgen Domm say about the Mexican soccer player?

“I think there should be a bit more of that flexibility when it comes to selling players to Europe MLS It happens a lot that they are sold at very low prices. But we also need to do self-criticism. In Many occasions When they offer us a deal in Mexico and Europe, you see Salary issue We too We want to stay here to collect Furthers,” he said TUDN.

Dame had the chance to go to Europe but she didn’t want to

On the other hand, ex-player Tigers and Pachuca He commented that he made that ‘mistake’. When he got an opportunity to play abroad, he did not want to do it as the opportunity did not meet his salary expectations.

However, on the other hand, he pointed out wait That Change soon The items Good because it helps from their perspective Go up The condition of Mexican team In future.

“It happened to me, and that’s why I can speak, because On one occasion I had the opportunity to go (abroad), but Salary It was Two, three times smaller and I wanted to stay. The footballer also has a certain amount of responsibility, there must be a unity between the two parties, so that there can be an export that is in the best leagues in the world and it is useful for the national team, for everyone, (and) for the player”, he sentenced.

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