Safe Space condemns eight homophobic attacks in Burgos in 15 days

LGTBIQA + Safe Space Burgos condemns an increase in homophobic attacks in the capital. Of this group, they indicate that eight have been injured in the past two weeks, a number that has risen so far this year to 15. They explain that the last case occurred on the night of June 24, during the holidays and the assault on him. It was a gay boy of about 23 years old, who at that time was in a well-known bar in the center. An event that, according to the group, was condemned directly in the courts.

Throughout 2023, attacks of this kind are “increasing”, according to Espacio Seguro, and the aggressors are getting younger, “many minors”, so the issue of reaching criminal or civil terms is “complicated”.

During the school years, these attacks are concentrated in the educational centers themselves, such as the institutes, “relationships that arise simultaneously, many times in the same classrooms, as the aggressors and attackers,” as the group reveals. For this reason, at the end of the course, “the attacks continue on the street and in the networks.”

«In Burgos, during 2023, there have already been 15 attacks, 8 in the last 15 days due to the increased visibility of groups with the celebration of Pride Month» Safe Space

The Espacio Seguro group indicates that, upon receiving this type of notification, it communicates with the center concerned to inform the administration and teachers of what is happening in the classrooms, although often the violations take place at the same time through social networks, channels out of reach of the teachers . They say of the group: “Education must be updated to the new methods of dealing with abusers.”

They maintain that the attacks focus on LGBT people, and unfortunately, of the last eight they collected, only two went to court.

Collective focus

For this reason, they launched from Espacio Seguro LGTBIQA + Burgos focus “to alert the community to the increase in attacks on group members in the city in recent days.”

It will be next Tuesday July 18th at Plaza Mayor Burgos at 7:00pm.

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