Jamie Foxx makes public reappearance after hospitalisation

Jamie Foxx made his first public appearance since being hospitalized and recovered a woman’s lost purse in Chicago. Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jamie Foxx In April, she gave her followers a scare when she was rushed to the hospital for a “medical complication” during the shoot of the film. Back in action. The family asked for a lot of prayers for him and expected the worst: “Jamie Foxx’s family is reportedly preparing for the worst. The actor is in a critical condition and could get worse.”

However, after three months, Jamie Foxx Resurfaced publicly last weekend. Portal TMZ Recently pictures of the 55-year-old actor playing golf and outings were posted.

The actor enjoyed playing on the TopGolf driving range on Saturday. (Credit: TMZ)

“It was better than the people he was competing with,” a source told the aforementioned media outlet, assuring him that he has made a full recovery. “He walked normally without dragging his leg. His hand movement was definitely good. He was a normal Jamie,” they added.

Jamie Foxx took advantage of the warm day to take a boat ride on the Chicago River, where he greeted his fans.

The magazine also pointed out that Sunday night was spent on a boat on the river ChicagoThe people who saw him there greeted him and he responded with love.

“Life on the ship. Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn. Be blessed!”, the actor posted, revealing that he’s getting happier every day.

Jamie Foxx has made his first public appearance since being hospitalized

It should be elaborated that the disease that afflicted him is still unknown. Jamie FoxxWell, he and his family didn’t talk about it.

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Some media also believe that the comedian has some neurological or brain problem, but this information is not confirmed.

Jamie Foxx Not only did he enjoy the weekend with his friends, but he also had a great gesture with one of his followers.

A fan of the actor, Quan Ellis, posted some pictures on his social networks in which Jamie can be seen getting into his truck after retrieving a woman’s lost wallet.

“Mom lost her bag in Chicago today. Jamie Foxx He found it and brought it to him and wrote that it is good and God is good.

The woman is heard in the video thanking him for the gesture, saying, “Thank you, Jamie.” The others who accompanied the girl also thanked her.

Actor Jamie Foxx was walking by when he saw the bag lying on the ground and decided to follow the owner to the truck to deliver his item.

After this publication, the magazine People Narrated the event. According to reports, the 54-year-old woman, identified as Glenn, and her two sisters were riding a trike leaving the Chicago Bean sculpture on Michigan Avenue when they suddenly saw a black van honking behind them.

When the vehicle approached them, the back door opened and they got out. Fox Glenn remembers that she fell sideways as we turned a corner, clutching her purse on the floor of the outdoor trike.

“I wanted to ask Jamie where she found the bag. I didn’t even know it fell,” Glenn recounted with a smile.

The lady asked the actor about his health and he replied that he was fine. He also thanked Fox He said, “You’re welcome, darling.”

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