Who is Giselle Choto, the woman who destroyed Belinda’s famous tattoo Lupilo?

This is the buzz that caused Lupilo Rivera Destroy the tattoo he was holding in his hand with his face Belinda (With whom he had a brief, but serious relationship with a bad ending), which is almost everyone They ignored what the singer pointed out as the main reason for doing what he did: The love and respect he feels for his future wife, Young entrepreneur and stylist Kisel Choto.

Immediately, Among those who do not know everything that happens With the life of Toro del Corrido and / or his large and controversial family – They live on their own Soap Opera Of real life – A question started running like wildfire: Who was the woman who gestured to Lupilo? Who is Kissel Choto? This is a good question, because that young woman is more than a famous girlfriend.

Giselle, 25 – Lupilo was criticized for being twice his age -, born in California, although he identifies as 100% Mexican His family has roots in Ciudad Guzmn in the state of Jalisco, West of Mexico; Although some sources have erroneously stated that Lupilo ended his life, this is not true. Before meeting him, he was already a successful entrepreneur.

In fact, it was in 2017 When Kissel opened his Melrose Avenue store In Los Angeles, one of the most popular streets in western Hollywood. This is a local beauty Kissel Choto Pros, he’s a big one Success and it has changed It is very encouraging for many young people who follow her on social media Follow the advice it provides for free.

In addition, her beauty exercises – especially those dedicated to eyebrow and hair care – are featured on TV shows such as ‘The Today Show’, fashion magazines such as ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ and celebrities among her clients. Jordin Woods, Which is part of the Sisters Circle Kardashian, And singer Normani, Of the Fifth Harmony Group (from where it arose Camila Cabello); Actress Ryan’s rule, And mega influence Lori Harvey, Daughter of comedian and presenter of ‘Miss Universe’, Steve Harvey.

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Kissel has given numerous interviews For both Latin and Anglo media, Which proves your success Shortcut, And he mentions a lot about how he became an entrepreneur after graduating from university The key to its success lies in diversification, For which he, in a short time, became a renowned expert, showing that he was not only a ‘taste of the month’, But a trained stylist with a lot of vision, Something completely different from a popular ‘girlfriend’ movie, who It is commonly classified as a decorative item.

His other activity involves giving workshops in which he imparts his knowledge of beauty and cosmetics to others who wish to dedicate themselves to styling, And they can complete their education in supporting young women of Hispanic descent, In collaboration with various foundations and charities, is one of Bono’s pro: “Give back a little of what I received.”

Since they got engaged in December 2020, they have been able to handle the exhibition very well and have won (at least say) Complex Lupilo family with grace and simplicity.

Many have pointed out that Kissel has made a positive impact in El Torito, Will give her the stability she needs, so she is in pain like a tattoo because of the love on her, the gesture becomes more noticeable It sounds like this time, it will be – as they say – good times.

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