Juana La Cubana was admitted to Havana with a prognostication

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Cuba's black goddess, Juana Bacallao, leaves her followers in doubt when she is admitted to a hospital in Havana due to a common infection.

The comedian, who drew smiles and applause from the audience when he took the stage, predictably visited Carlos J. in the capital, according to a source at the Cuban Writers Association who did not want to be identified. Finley was hospitalized. For the Kubernetes portal. .

At the age of 98, Neris Amelia Martínez Salazar (Havana, May 26, 1925), her maiden name, has given presentations in the main venues of Cuban nightlife, such as the Red Room of the Hotel Capri, the Parisian of the Hotel National, the Tropicana Cabaret and the Cabaret Sans Souci.

He has shared the stage with artists such as Nat King Cole, Bola de Nieve, Sano Bozo and Beni More, and has performed in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Spain, the United States, France, Mexico, Venezuela and the Opéra-Comique in Paris. .

As one of Cuba's greatest vaudevilles, Juana la Cubana, or Cuban Showgirl, was discovered by Maestro Obtúlio Morales, a renowned conductor of orchestras on the island, and from the beginning of her wide-ranging artistic career she exuded Creole picaresque and her natural exuberance. .

Juana is a physical form of expression training that has lasted in Cuba, which set guidelines in the national culture of the 19th century: Buffo theater, according to experts, with the interpretation of the most popular sound set.

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