The key behind Rosalia’s success in Mexico

First time singer, RosaliaHe set foot in Latin America in Mexico City in 2018 when he presented his album “El Mal Querer”, but at the time no one predicted the musical phenomenon that would become Spanish.

Today, the artist not only enjoys international fame, but he has managed to conquer most of the hit lists and has filled countless arenas around the world. This weekend, the “Tall” translator returns to Mexico, this time presenting “Motomi”, An album where I try to capture the Latin and Asian influences of her music.

“Motomami has a unique vision. I feel like I haven’t done this with other albums. They’re more serious, and I wanted to find an outlet for my sense of humor,” Rosalia told the magazine of her new album.

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But Rosalia’s success goes beyond her music, her influence like many artistes also came on social networks, where the artist clearly and emphasized her personality through viral videos on all platforms. TikTok

One of her most viewed videos is Rosalia in various activities, looking nonchalantly at the camera, but before that, after the release of “Motomami” and the comedy of the Mexicans, they created a lot of memes referring to her. New disc.

On the other hand, Rosalia has managed to reach the LGBTTI community, thanks to her statements, personality and the theme in her songs, according to Spotify data, Mexico is the country that listens to it after Spain. For the Catalans

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“I’m so mine, I’m changing myself. A butterfly, I’m changing myself. Drag queen makeup, I’m changing myself “Luvia de Estrellas”, I’m changing myself,” she sings in her song titled Sago. It was also developed for salsa and was used by Hector Lao in his 1976 song “Let’s Laugh a Little.”

His music always features Afro-Andean rhythms that Mexicans love, such as salsa, cumbia and reggaeton, and it is no coincidence that he himself mentions the likes of Hector Lao, Caetano Veloso in his songs.

He is currently the most listened to Spanish artist and doubles his compatriots C. Tangana and Rells B in monthly listeners, with 25 million listeners between them, while Rosalia has 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify streaming.

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