The government holds community days in Puerto Plata

As part of his tour this Saturday, President Louis Abinader led a series of community days in the city, in conjunction with the National Health Service (SENSA).

Minister Jose Ignacio Polisa, General Director of the Senasa Dr. The operation was led by Santiago Hashim, SENASA Regional Manager Luis Farrington, Provincial Health Director Johnny Tavares and TIDA Representative Giuseppe Mercado.

The president’s executive minister, Jose Ignacio Baliza, explained that the president had not been able to attend the event for some time, adding that the event was “very important” for President Luiz Abinader’s government to guarantee global security. Dominicans.

He stressed that more than two million Dominicans have been incorporated into the administration of President Louis Abinadar, with the assurance that there will be no one who does not belong to the military.

For his part, Santiago Hashim has increased the number of people he has joined to 7 million since he came to government, has become the main provider of this service, and according to Puerto Plata this represents an increase of more than 120 thousand. Subsidiaries.

Hashim announced that the maximum coverage, which is currently one million pesos, would be raised to 2 million pesos so that no citizen would have to seek the help of officials or legislators to solve a health problem.

Earlier, at a ceremony at the city’s sports center, the president presided over the process of handing out cards of the Superrate program to 300 members of the Puerto Plato Fishermen’s Association.

Following the event, the President participated in the “First You” Community Admission Day at Concepción Gómez Matos School in the Padre Las Casas Department, implemented by the President’s (Propeep), Government’s Civil Strategy and Special Programs Program. , Office of the Mayor of San Felipe de Porto Plata and Dominica Digna.

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The program includes ophthalmology, dentistry, general medicine, cardiology, breast cancer diagnostics, prostate, medicine in general and vaccinated RT.

In addition, young people were enrolled in the first program and opted for scholarships to pursue technical careers in the Armed Forces’ Vocational Schools. AA and National Police, Infotech and ITLA.

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