Ivon Montero did not explode before Daniela Navarro’s attacks on La Casa de los Famos

The following question about Ivonne Montero was launched on the Telemundo Realities Instagram account: “Should he stay this Monday or leave the house?” Has received a great reception from the fans. The wave of support unleashed around the protagonist of “Anita No The Rajes” is no doubt., The public not only gives her support and affection, but also protects her from haters. Daniela Navarro has unleashed a wave of support for the Mexican actress. The public loves Ivon in the final.

“Let Oswaldo stay and get out,” the fans say. “Grab everything Ivon”, shouts the Mexican actress’ fans. A section of the public has decided to like Ivon in the final: “Ivon is going to win the House of Famous.”

Danila Navarro became the heroine of Friday Night. During dinner, according to her, she decided to expose Ivon Montero in front of her comrades in the blue room. She described everything she had been told in the days when she felt isolated by those in her room. This was hailed by many as Venezuela’s warlike attitude, while others considered her speech to be out of bounds and inconsistent.

The Purple Room claims that Ivonne Montero was a traitor for recommending Newark Marcos. But those in the blue room are being asked not to act frantic, unless they want to be themselves. Then they get Ivon and offer her room, talk to her, offer her support, but when Ivon leaves, they call her a traitor, say they do not trust her, and they unanimously recommend her too. Do it to punish the betrayal she committed. The fourth purple became the fourth revenge in honor of Cuba; Even the blues didn’t hit Ivon like that.

Many believe the Mexican actress’ mistake was believing the wrong person, many defending her, she did not speak ill of anyone, all she did was say what her experience with those in the blue room was like. He never talks about canonical strategies in the present tense. I mean, it’s not “carry on”. But both Daniela Navarro and Laura Bozzo decided that Ivonne Montero should be their weekly target, so they continued to be recommended against the Mexicans. “Complain” shouted at the public 24/7 because they say that Daniela and Laura agreed to recommend Ivon in the coming days. Will the boss punish them? Montero fans love to see Daniela and Laura being kicked out of the SUM.

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