The fisherman catches the giant sturgeon, which is why it is considered a living dinosaur

What a day Fishing The tradition turned out to be a huge achievement Don LallierAlong with mentor Yves Bison, we got the “big prize”. Alberta, Canada, A Sturgeon fish Estimated to be around 270 kg and over 100 years old.

This fish, due to its characteristics, is considered a “The Living Dinosaur“, because it goes back Jurassic era.

The feat occurred in Fraser River in British ColumbiaReport by USA Today/For The Win Outdoors.

He and his guide were in the water when they spotted the big one Fish And were amazed by its size and features.

“After jumping out of the water twice during the fight, we all looked at each other in massive disbelief (…) We knew it was something. Special”, Yves Bisson told USA Today.

Through social networks, the Fishing guide He shared his catch, showing the enormous size of the fish; It contains Video He explained: “This fish is 11 feet (almost 3.5 meters), and weighs 600 pounds (270 kg),” as he caught the creature and celebrated.

However, feat does not mean fish lose my life To finish at the sushi table or local fish markets, it was Named And Published And to amaze people.

“We were able to tag him, he was never caught, and now we’re on our way Back to the river”, explained the happy fisherman.


The fishermen tagged the fish before returning it to the water, where it drifted away. swimming Slowly. “It’s very normal behavior Sturgeon Be very still and quiet Shallow water After being released,” he said.

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Yves said the fish was a sturgeon Experience In this species, he claims to have caught more than 22,000 sturgeon in his 20 years as a guide, but this time it was different and surprising.

He was fishing with his friend Don Lallier when they saw the special fish, “After jumping out of the water twice during the fight, we all looked at each other in disbelief. Large size”, he highlighted.


And he explained: “They Freshwater fish Strongest in the world and Mortality rate The angle is 0.012%, so basically Without dyingAnd our world-renowned tagging program has data to back it all up.

“This giant fish swam after being released (…) and I’m sure Will live another 100 years”, Yves closed.

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