Young Mexican needs to mature off the pitch: Raul Herrera at half-time

One of the problems with Mexican football today Small site of Young players in teams MX LeagueIn many cases there is talk about the small chance they are given, but it also happens A lot They don’t give That Additional What it takes to be an expert in every sense of the word.

Raul HerreraDirector Basic forces of America and who worked for several years in Villarreal, Spain, noted in an interview half time The young Mexican soccer player on the field is better than most other nationalities, but problems come when he leaves the pitch.

“That’s what I always say Half an hour Children are present Basketball court There are Copies, has an intensity that is hard to find in Europe. They are hungry, they are a Talent is hard to findBut they should Stop givingR Remaining 22 hoursWhere others take advantage of us, rest, extra work, study, better training in everything, better nutrition, disorganization. Because an hour and a half on the pitch makes no difference, if there is it will be in favor of Mexico”.

Shared responsibility

Herrera believes clubs Mexican must Support Different ways to create one habits between Players They can be well prepared when it grows up and reaches the first team.

“You have to create and create the atmosphere in the clubs required So the Football player Look at the corner and No nothing desire Except always in you Correct weight, take care The FeedingTake care of sugar problem, Coming soon To practice, to do prevention exercises, to analyze videos with technical experts, you have to create that environment where everyone goes with the same mindset.

One methods He sees fit and it America Since his arrival in 2020, that’s been the job Youth teams from 12 years A Psychologist Help them without ‘climbing the brick’.

“If we work with everyone from a young age, all teams will be A Psychologist By type, it helps Mental care No detail is missed with those guys and that’s where you have to invest so that the player doesn’t leave any mistakes.

How can clubs ensure they don’t lose talent in their youth academies?

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The Eagles leader believes Comfortable One of the changes to be had in Mexican football Equipment of MX League can want A Under 23 teamHe feels that many talented players are losing out by not being able to continue at the club with the Under-20s.

“We’re trying to find a good solution for everyone, but there are Football players Much better than with 19 years There are ready for Introduction First, however Not allAnd the pageant system says if you’re not ready to debut at 20, you should go Expansion Or move to another team, where the club will no longer approach you. Maybe he is Delay That’s a couple of years get out So they keep watching you, That would be great Because there are many If it is introduced to them in 22But many times They are no longer in the club because they have to leave”.

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