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I tried so hard this Monday FC BarcelonaFinally Joan Laporta, the president of the club decided to speak to the media about the ‘Negrera case’, which has overshadowed the recent history of the Catalans since it came to light. That is a payment of 7.3 million euros JOSE MARIA ENRIQUEZ NEGRERAThe former vice-chairman of the Technical Arbitration Committee, which has been under the mandate of its four chairmen for 17 years, has hit out at ‘Azulcranas’.

In a press conference that lasted more than two hours, Laporta addressed the issue and left out several controversial statements, especially those related to Real Madrid. Somehow the Barça boss tried to defend his team’s honor by alleging that Negrera’s advice was always there and when it was given, it was recorded in the invoices and account books.

The fact that Barça received technical and refereeing advice is not a criminal offense of any kind. We did it with clarity and transparency. All clubs implemented instructions, financial audits carried out and club invoices and accounting books contained and recorded. At least as far as my tenure from 2003 to 2010 is concerned, I can assure you that. I was never in the mood to hide things”, said the 60-year-old manager.

Joan Laporta went further and labeled FC Barcelona as victims of this whole situation. “Another thing is that someone, some private entity or natural person took advantage of this, but in this case Barza would be a victim and an injured person, and I think the prosecutor’s office is working in that direction.“, he added.

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Joan Laborta believes Barcelona will come out of ‘Negrera Castle’ well. (Photo: EFE)

At one point, the captain of the Catalan team went directly to Real Madrid because the ‘white’ actors appeared in a case opened by the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office. “I would like to comment on the appearance of a club that has participated in the case, and it feels that it is affected sportingly. One club, Real Madrid, has historically been favored by refereeing decisions. Historically and Presently. The team considered to be the team of Tiruppugazh’s rule due to its proximity to Tiruppugazh’s power“, began.

I think it’s worth remembering that for seven decades, the majority of the group’s leaders have been, without interruption, ex-members of Madrid or ex-players or ex-directors of Madrid. For 70 years, ex-partners, ex-players and ex-directors have been the appointees of justice. And sometimes simultaneously. For this club to come forward and accuse itself of harming itself in sporting terms during one of its greatest periods in history seems to me an unprecedented exercise in cynicism, and I hope they can be unmasked in this trial.”, he mentioned.

Laporta made it clear that insiders hope FC Barcelona will be cleared of all wrongdoing and come clean earlier as UEFA investigates them for the ‘Negrera case’, which could potentially see them banned from European competitions. Their eyes are the rest.

UEFA’s top chairman Mr. Don’t fall into Thebes’ trap. At least for now. The inputs I have from the UEFA investigation are that it will be pronounced when we try. I am clear that we will continue as usual, as I am sure that Barça will be exonerated of any criminal responsibility.”, he pointed out.

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