German tourist found dead in Cuba wanted in Spain

A German tourist has been found dead in a Havana apartment It was reported that Missing in MajorcaSpain.

According to a Spanish TV channel Telecincowho does not specify the identity of the deceased, The dentist reported that the person was not at homeWho was surprised not to ask him.

In mid-March, Cubanate reported German tourist’s lifeless body discovered He lived in an apartment in the 201 O Street building on the corner of HumboldtFrom Havana Vedado.

“On March 7, after a strong stench from two days ago, they found a corpse,” a source in Havana told independent media.

“The criminals went to the location, and when they used canine techniques to track the trail, three dogs marked Cabaret Las Vegas,” located a block away, the source added.

Residents of the place have assured that they informed the police when they sensed a strong stench emanating from the tourist’s residence. According to them, At least four days for the deceased in that condition.

Neither official media nor Cuban officials have publicly addressed the case.

“He was allegedly murdered,” another source said. to do Cubanate. “So far they haven’t found the killer, and a command post may have been set up at the Ministry of Justice, a few meters from the building.”

Insecurity in Cuba has increased over the past few months. From the island, people denounce violent attacks to steal motorcycles and phones, among other valuables, dedicated to robberies and gangs across the country, who use knives and blunt objects to attack their victims.

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