Díaz-Canel sends residents to work in a small neighborhood of Havana chosen for another of his tours.

Miguel Diaz-Canel Law sent federal residents to work, a Slum of the Municipality of Guanabacoa in HavanaA “society in transition,” the regime now defines suburbs that have been in a state of complete abandonment for decades and consequently receives the attention of the dome of power. Historic 9/11 Protests.

“President @DiazCanelB is now in the neighborhood of La Federal, in the Havana municipality of Guanabacoa, a community in transition with more than 800 inhabitants,” the Twitter account of Cuba’s presidency posted.

“Houses have been legalized, distribution books have been issued, a warehouse, a bread basket, a playground, a playground have been built, roads have been improved and vital services for the community have been brought closer,” the official channel, exposed, added. Neighbors say it’s “a point for selling gas.”

State media covered the tour regularly Photographs of the ruler surrounded by residents or tour houses and built worksAnd with sweet threads.

Official Gazette Granma Focused Díaz-Canel’s visit to a home grown mother of four children and A Official TV report 250 published a series of dialogues by Díaz-Canel with a request to work for the unemployed community residents.

All those who are unemployed should start work and do the things needed by the neighborhood here. He also improves the condition of his family through his own work. Do we agree with that?” Diaz-Canel asked.

“Common to all and basic to all. So we all support each other in the neighborhood and in the same neighborhood with their own talent and their own effort is flourishing,” he added.

The call collides with the reality of Cubans, whose salaries are insufficient to meet their basic needs, officials themselves admit. Economic synthesis “Work to order” raised salaries and pensions in Cuba, but at the same time a huge inflation This leaves money in the pockets of families and in the midst of widespread scarcity.

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A poll Run by French multinational IPSOS, it appointed Miguel Díaz-Canel as its second president. Latin AmericaWith 14% support, Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro has only 4% approval.

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