The finance ministry has blamed 11 officials for diverting L122 million


The Special Financial Unit Against Corruption Networks (Euferco) Provided a Tax required It is said to have diverted 122 million lambs from the treasures against 11 officers and former officers Condition By a briefcase company.

Investigations reveal he was the then Minister of Communications and Strategy in early 2014 Hilda Hernandez, Sought a direct contract from Servicios e Inversions Aid to manage media advertising for 98.3 million Lambrequins, without following established procedures State Contract Act.

The Lawyers Then 14 checks were issued Presidential House A total of 23.7 million lambrequins in support of Servicios e Inversions Aid, without supporting documents.

Those in need are the Minister of Financial Management, Alexander Pineda of Point Pedro; Hervவிs Edelbo Herrera, Executive Manager of the Presidential Palace; General Accountant of the Presidential Palace, Leslie Mirella Fones; And Excel Eduardo Huide, Executive Manager of the Presidential Forum. Likewise, Messrs.

This is a statement Presidential House All necessary information is provided MP It further reaffirmed its commitment to continue to provide all facilities for the conduct of investigations under the law, while at the same time insisting that the right of citizens to be deemed innocent must be respected.

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