Mariachis serinates in front of Ted Cruz’s house

(CNN Espasol) – Mariachi is my Mexico A serenade was delivered this Sunday in front of the home of Republican Senator Ted Cruz for the state of Texas. He was severely criticized after traveling to Cancun with his family The state it represents faces an emergency after a winter storm has passed.

Mariazi band leader Jose Antonio Solas told CNN he was able to sing for an hour, despite members of Cruise’s security team and Houston police trying to disperse protesters at the venue.

The Mariachi team was hired by Houston resident Brian Hlvinga. Hlavinka, who works in marketing, and his former colleague Jenny Slater “came up with the idea to elevate their opposition to a new absurdity,” he told CNN.

“The incompetence we see in our officers is absurd,” says Halawinga, who was affected by the winter storm. He says he spent several days without electricity and heat.

Solas was originally from Guerrero, Mexico. He has lived in Houston for 30 years and claims to have organized Mariachi 6 years ago. The other members of the Mariachi were originally from the states of Michoacn and Sacotagos.

Solas says he and his colleagues feel blessed to have been able to work because they were unable to do so due to the winter storm last week. “Many colleagues have been affected and we were unable to work because almost all of their homes were damaged,” he added.

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