The end of the world? The European Space Agency reveals when and how that will happen

There are various Theories about the end of the world. Many wonder When and how it will happen. Some theories have become more popular than others and have had an impact on the world.

Many scientists say that Climate change It will be related to the collapse of the earth.

According to Recent studiesScientists managed Approximate time to live on earthBasically according to research solar cycle.

European Space Agency (ESA) through a statement It revealed how and when the end of the earth would be, and therefore what human life would be like.

The calculations made by the scientists of the said agency indicate their approach to the study solar activity, A star belonging to Earth’s orbit.

There is a star main sequence grid, The nucleus is capable of converting hydrogen into helium The heat and brightness of the sun.

Experts say that as the Sun continues its rotation, it will continue to grow in size and heat. Star Becomes a giant red starThis will determine its outcome.

This will directly affect the earth. It heats its surface and evaporates the waterBack to planet DUninhabitable land.

As time goes by, the sun a A white dwarf star.


According to experts, approximately the event will occur between approx 10 billion and 11 billion years.

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The agency said The Sun may be halfway through its cycleFirst There is a solar system 4 thousand 500 million years.

Factors that helped scientists determine it The end of the world is 8 billion years away.

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