The eco-park will also have space for soccer and basketball

This week a space will be opened so that you can play basketball and, in another sector, football – tennis, as happened on Rambla de 32.

From the second half of August, taking advantage of the last month of winter almost before the advent of spring, the options will be expanded to be able to develop sports and use the La Plata Ecological Park as an option for hiking in The Silver residents.

Historically, due to its regional size, this place was used for hiking or cycling by groups of people who came to the area. However, the idea of ​​being able to gather more families will be promoted and turned into a direct and more direct option than La La Plata from Parque Pereyra in order to receive neighbors every day of the week.

So much so, that this week it was announced that work on basketball hoops would be outlined and finished for a space halfway between the park’s main entrance and the house on the back, about 600m of travel approx.

Although it is not possible to park cars in this place, it will help the neighbors who want to get together to play basketball, or the same children who may be accompanied by their parents in sports, can walk or cycle to this sector of the place.

The same will happen with the football and tennis courts already installed on 32nd Street and on some sectors of 31st Street.

As it turns out, it is not currently expected that the park’s opening hours, which normally close in winter at 7:00 pm, but extend from the arrival of summer until 8:00 pm, are not currently expected to be modified.

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Likewise, the completion of the work of the square games in Green Spaces 7 and 38 (Olzabal Square) has been postponed before the end of the month.

In addition, as it has become known, there will be a skating rink in Ringuelet and another in Julio López de Los Hornos Park, located in District 66 between 152 and 153.

In another order, during the second half of August, which begins today, progress will be made in pruning the trees that have been hanging during the autumn and winter.

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