Women in science and culture, thematic focus of the course Carlos Gurmenez

Path of Thought Carlos Gourmenez returns to the stage next week – between Wednesday and Friday – after the mandatory respite due to the pandemic to continue fueling discussion and reflection on current and socially relevant issues.

The 23rd edition of the activity promoted by the Ferrol Press Club, on this occasion, will allow attendees to delve into the role of women in science and culture from different perspectives, which will be presented by the rapporteurs responsible for forming this year poster.

This includes a large presence of faculty and research staff from the University of Coruña, and is a fine example of the excellent relationship between the Press Club and the industrial campus of Ferrol, whose facilities hosted the celebration of this date.

This was stated yesterday by representatives of both entities at the presentation of the program. The Vice-Chancellor of Campus, Maria Jesus Movila, and President of the Press Club, Julia Diaz, were accompanied at the event by the course coordinator, Esperanza Pinheiro, and the academic director of the course, Professor Herculian. The academic institution, Alberto Socasas, provided details of the conferences and round tables that will be held over the three days.


The activity will start on Wednesday after the accreditation of the attendees and the official opening ceremony scheduled for 10:30 am. Xunta’s Secretary General for Language Policy, Valentin Garcia, will be responsible for convening the first conference, at which he will speak on “O galego no ensino: in memory of Antía Cal”. In the afternoon, at 4:30 p.m., UDC Professor Anna Maria Iglesias Galdo will speak on “The Editorial Role of Women’s Education,” continuing at 6:15 p.m. with the screening of the documentary The Eviction Method. (2019) in Maria Zambrano. The director of the piece, José Manuel Mourinho, will participate in the commentary and subsequent discussion on the audiovisual work mentioned above.

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Curator and art critic Rosario Sarmiento opens Thursday, 10:00 a.m. conference, to speak on Women in Art, followed by a speech (11:45 a.m.) by Professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Maria. Xosé Agra, who will present his presentation “Disque hai mulleres: o Philosophical Thought” to the audience.

In the afternoon, at 4:30 pm, there will be a round table which will analyze the situation of women scientists and technologies in the current scenario and will be moderated by Anna Aris, Director of the Industrial Campus in Ferrol. The following professionals will participate: Anne Gosset, Technical Director, Center for Research in Marine and Industrial Technologies. Maria José Abad López, Deputy Director of the Office of Gender Equality; Vanessa Valdeglesias Garcia, a biogenetics researcher hired by the Beatrice Galindo program; Ana Jesús López Díaz, President of the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists of Galicia; Teresa Pinheiro Otero, Director of the Center for Gender and Feminist Studies; Veronica Polon is a professor and researcher in computer science and artificial intelligence.


The Friday session begins with Professor Alberto Socasas’ intervention on the personalities of three thinkers (Eloisa, Le Andreas Salome, Simone de Beauvoir) and their partners. At 11:45 a.m., Professor Cristina Onoro Otero of the Complutense University of Madrid will hold a conference on the forgotten voices of history and in the afternoon, at 4:30 p.m., teacher Rosa Milan, coordinator of “Ferrol en Feminino”, the audience will share their knowledge of personal Angela Ruiz Robles, considered the pioneer of the e-book.

Journalist from Ferrol, Germain Castro, will be responsible for closing the program with a speech scheduled for 6:15 p.m., where he will talk about the relevant character and contributions of Ferrol’s oceanographer, Ingles Alfareño, whom Castro also spoke about. I just published a book.

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Those interested in participating in this course will have to email their personal details to [email protected] or call 661331986 before 11:00 AM on Tuesday the 5th. Places are limited and will be covered in a strict registration request. The course has 20 hour approval from the Department of Education for non-university faculty members.

The Path of Thought was born in 1998 around the character of writer and philosopher Carlos Gurmenez (1916-1997), a close collaborator with the Ferrol Press Club, which he pays homage to every year through a proposal that began with his holding at Pontedeume but moved several years earlier to the Ferrol Campus .

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