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7 months have passed since Carlos Calderon returned to the television screen. The Mexican host is back Telemundo, this time as a special guest. Let’s remember that at the beginning of 2023, the 48-year-old journalist found himself in an unexpected situation when he was fired. “Wake Up America”Univision Morning Star.

There is no evil that lasts for 100 years, sometimes it can take months. That seems to be Carlos Calderon’s goal as he bids farewell to the morning show “Desperta America” ​​and returns to television in early 2023.

The presenter was part of the important achievement of “Despierta America” ​​(Photo: Carlos Calderon / Instagram)

however, Telemundo It made it possible for the TV journalist to return to his favorite habitat and host part of the “Today” news segment. However, it should be mentioned that it was done as a guest.

One day he returned: Carlos Calderon on Telemundo

This Monday, August 14, the Telemundo set received a very special visit by hosting Carlos Calderon, one of the most beloved figures in the Hispanic environment and until recently part of the Univision family.

“Tomorrow is Monday August 14th Today We are delighted to have Carlos Calderon as a host. We are waiting for you at 7AM/6C on Telemundo” was the announcement on the Instagram profile of the last 13th Sunday morning show “Hoi Tiya”.

Carlos Calderon appeared on “Today” (Photo: Carlos Calderon / Instagram)

So, this Monday the 14th, Calderon appeared on “Hoi Tia” after his sudden exit from Univision. In this way, the communicator, Daniel Arenas, together with Penelope Menzacca and Andrea Meza, coordinated the special conduct of the program.

“Today I started something new. Thanks for all the greetings”Calderon hinted through social networks with a picture from the morning studio.

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Netizens applauded Carlos Calder’s return to television

Various netizens commented that Calderon’s departure from Univision left an irreplaceable void in television. For this reason, more than one appreciated his presence on Telemundo, competing directly with “Despierta America” ​​on the same morning.

“It gives this project the spark it needs,” he said.Where else they get what they hate”, “He’s a good conductor, hopefully it should be”, “I hope he’s the one to brighten up the show, because it’s so dull”, “It’s about time. ”, “How good, I love Carlitos because he’s so professional”, “Congratulations, I’ll see you tomorrow”, “Bravo, a great driver and man”, “Tomorrow I’ll see the show for him”, “Congratulations, I’m going to do it for him” , let’s see”, “please leave him”, “let him be”, Some comments were made in support of the journalist.

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