the details of your list with Walter Queijeiro and Fernando Pérez in Provincia POLÍTICA El Intransigente

The neuroscientist Facundo Manes made his leap into politics and will compete in the STEP 2021 in Together in the Buenos Aires province, under the list Take the Step. Thus, he added to his space important leaders of Quilmes, such as walter cheesemaker Y Fernando Perez. In this regard, the latter explained that “in the space by Mandas different sectors converge«.

Sports journalist Walter Queijeiro and Fernando Pérez will compete as candidate for provincial deputy and first candidate for councilor in Quilmes, respectively. «I love the project that is going to be formed in the province of Buenos Aires so that at another time, after this election period, begin to shape the country project with a large part of the UCR and everything that is being formed in this process that begins, “said Queijeiro in this regard in statements with FM Wen.

On the other hand, the sports journalist clarified the reasons that led him to confront the former mayor of Quilmes in interns: “We do not have a fight against Martiniano (Molina), he is part of this space too. We are on another list because we believe that we can do other things that Martiniano did not do when he had to act, we are here to propose more things, but it is not a fight against Martiniano Molina ». For this reason, he pointed out forcefully against the current mayor Mayra Mendoza: “The fight is against non-management in Quilmes.”

“Mayra Mendoza is dedicated to things that are not a priority”

In this sense, Walter Queijeiro criticized that the current mayor of the Frente de Todos “dedicates a lot of time to issues that are not a priority, such as security, inclusion through sports. Sport is part of health, there was a pandemic and sport was one of the best ways to control the population healthily.

In addition, he pointed out that, “in the municipality of Quilmes, they are giving courses that nobody cares about.” In this way, he challenged the mayor: «Let’s see what Mayra says about security. Do you say that you have to make more crops or more squares? More spaces that destroy masculinities or put pediatricians in health rooms? ».

Queijeiro and his work as a journalist

Despite being a candidate for provincial deputy, Walter Queijeiro anticipated that his “life will continue to be the same as when I was a councilor, that they criticized me because I continued working.” In that sense, he explained that, in his “case, I am a journalist and capable I have more exposure, but I suppose that the legislators who are doctors do not say ‘I stop attending'”. That is why he recalled that “there are many cases of many legislators who are presidents of clubs, unions.”

“Different sectors converge in the space of Manes”

“Walter defined it very clearly, Facundo’s space is where different sectors converge,” he said. Fernando Perez. “We were able to agree with the different sectors, with the Joaquín (de la Torre) space, that the visible face is Walter, with some sectors of radicalism, sectors of the Emilio Monzó space. We were able to form a single list, “he stressed.

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