The day has come: Android and Windows users can make facetime calls, here we show them

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Apple has surprised all its users with many updates, which will be added to its list of devices in 2021. Thus, this year’s ‘Apple Event, California Streaming’ offers new equipment and The company founded by Steve Jobs decided to “spoil” people who already had one of their devices, and in the hope of retaining them, why, took them to buy one of their new computers.

An example of this is the addition of a long-awaited function for iPhone, iPad or Mac users and those with Android or Windows devices: Ability to make FaceTime video calls without Apple product.

The company has been talking about this new feature for months, and of course Apple is breaking a precedent in the way it interacts with its direct competitors. Microsoft is opening up changes in its relationship with its “rivals” by opening ‘stands’ for Apple and Android applications in the Microsoft Store. ‘Bite Apple’ has also taken a 180 degree turn in the competition with the FaceTime update.

This way, and with the help of the new iOS 15, all of the participants in the FaceTime call will no longer need an iPhone; The only requirement is that the person working as the host must start the video conference using the Apple device. Otherwise, your meeting colleagues may connect to Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony or any other Android operating system.

Before pointing out the step-by-step intervention of non-Apple product users in the FaceTime call, it should be noted that this new process is not achieved by downloading an app (which Apple has not yet reached), on the contrary, the entire connection is based on the link the host sends to guests from their device.

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Knowing this information, you should follow the guide that InfoPay brings below:

1 Open the app from an iPhone, iPad or Mac Fasttime.

2 Find the option Make the link And tap this button.

3. Immediately a screen appears, indicating that it is collapsing from below Fasttime link. Enter the name of the chat Add a name.

4. Similarly, a series of options will appear in which you can share the appointment link via email, Twitter, SMS, calendar or other applications. However, if you want, you can simply tap Copy Send the link to your clipboard this way and share it externally.

5 Tap the button Add Enter the invitation and wait for the other participants.

1 After your contact with the Apple product sends you a link to an already created dialog, you only need to open it from your Android or Windows device.

2 Now select your favorite mobile or desktop browser and type in its name Proceed.

3. Finally, you have to wait for the host to give you access to the meeting so that you can enjoy this new experience.

It should be noted that this process can be carried out without the need for application. Apple has promised that this does not mean that calls are not encrypted from end to end; So even with this option privacy is safe.

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