The Chamber passes a resolution to question pro-state representatives

The House of Representatives loudly approved the House.

Housing Resolution 534 mandates that the full committee be convened to hold an interim session for delegates earning an additional $ 30,000 and $ 90,000 per year to reimburse expenses.

“This is a resolution that will allow the country to know about the efforts made by these people who were elected in the last election who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the constituencies of Puerto Rico, and it is time to take responsibility.” Representative Orlando Ponte Rosario, filed the resolution.

It is time for the country to know who they met. It is time for the legislature of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) to let the country know what progress they have made for the only task assigned to them.

Similarly, Chamber Resolution 535 was approved – written by delegates Eduardo Feliciano Sanchez, Luis Artis Lugo, Cabin Maldonado Martis and Jose Rivera Madera – which ordered the Federal, International, Status and Veterans Relations Commission to conduct a “comprehensive study”. Performance of congressional representatives.

The latter seeks to hold representatives responsible for meetings with federal officials and for accommodation and travel refunds by the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA).

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The select delegation, which includes a portion of the island’s registered electorate, includes former Governor Ricardo Rochelle Neveres, former Mayor Bones Maria Melandes, former Senator Melinda Romero, former Guinean councilor Roberto Lefranc Forduno, and former Editor-in-Chief Zorrod Soros.

Act 167-2020, which led to the creation of the delegation, provided that every 90 days a report on their efforts should be submitted to Governor Pedro Pierre Lucis, but so far Torres Rodriguez, Melandes, Lefranc Fortuno and Rochelle Neverus have agreed.

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Protects PNP delegates

Both actions received a referendum against the New Progressive Party (PNP) ambassador, whose resolutions were intended to “defame state and law 167.” Washington, D.C.

“I do not question the legislature’s inquiry or the power of inquiry.

Representatives are criticized for the salary they earn and for their performance and reimbursable expenses.

No date has been set for questioning by Congress delegates.

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