The day Andres Garcia gave the almighty Raul Velasco a heart attack

Actor Andres Garcia at the 2005 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami, Florida (Photo: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images).

Andres Garcia He is one of those artists who has been around for years He is considered one of the most loved leading men after cinema and soap operas. Because of her talent, yes, but also because of her physical beauty and athletic physique, some producers first noticed her when they discovered her in Acapulco in the mid-1960s.

No one escapes his charm, not even the all-powerful conductor Raul Velasco, An interviewer of him early in his career, the actor once said, almost suffered a heart attack because of his gesture.

While García worked as a rower in Acapulco, he gained experience as a diver, and sometimes he wanted to enter the ring to try his luck. In 1966, he was called upon to give life to the popular character of the adventurer Chanok. It was so popular that it wasn’t long before film opportunities arrived: Super Gold 38, Kisses, kisses and more kisses, pinto and red turn, Hate BusinessThey are among the first.

His popularity attracted Velasco, who interviewed him when the actor had already appeared in nearly a dozen action films and began to consider a new genre, file films.

“In his full swing, Raul came to do an interview and told me ‘Andres, you’ve never been naked in any film’40, 45 years ago it wasn’t allowed, but they already did nudes of men and women”, The actor revealed on his YouTube channel.

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Uninhibited as ever, young Andrés said that if he didn’t show his whole body, they didn’t give him a chance. “I don’t have any film coming up that I need to find, but if it comes to me, I do it. Now, if you want me to do it on your show, look…”, was his reply.

“I dropped my pants and shorts and Raul almost had a heart attack and was like, ‘Wait, no, no, no, cut, cut!’ Because at that time there were not many nudists, but it was definitely one of the biggest hits of Mexican television,” said the bold actor, referring to Driver and his show.

Not long after he arrived on televisa as a soap opera actor, bravado would not have affected his new career. My name is courage, Principal, Forbidden Woman, Blessed to love, Gemelas, wedding veil, corruption, women cheated or The body of desireamong others.

Between 1967 and 2010 she appeared in at least 133 productions, including soap operas, serials, films and theatre. He also produced his own films, which, according to him, are the most expensive in the history of Mexican cinema.

Andres Garcia passed away on April 4, 2023.

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