The Barbadillo prison has space to house Alejandro Toledo

Toledo is on trial for money laundering, collusion and influence peddling for allegedly taking a $35 million bribe from Odebrecht. (photo: DIFFUSION)

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, José Tello, has estimated that the Barbadillo prison has space to house the former president, Alejandro Toledo, who is about to be extradited to Peru from the United States, due to being charged with bribery and alleged that he would do so. received from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht for the construction of the second and third sections of the South Interoceanic Highway.

In remarks to RPP, Telo Alfaro explained that a collegiate committee of the National Prison Institute (INPE) must determine where the former president is being held. He added that this working group must make an objective assessment of the crimes committed, the condition of the inmate and everything else.

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As is known, this prison is home to former presidents, Alberto Fujimori, convicted of crimes in the Barrios Altos and La Cantota cases, and Pedro Castillo, who is serving remand after his failed attempt to carry out a self-coup in September. 7. December 2022.

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