Sporting Crystal vs. Fluminense: This is how we saw the sky-blue team’s UnoxUno debut in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2023 | Videos | Game-Total

As if they were facing the levels of some kind of video game, Game Crystal He had to make his debut at the group level Libertadores Cup Against one of those invited to fight for the title: Fluminense from Brazil. That was true before they defeated Nacional de Asuncion (5-1) and Argentine Huracán (1-0) in Lima, but today the rival demanded even more. This stage is not defeated, but the next one presents itself as an opportunity for revenge and redemption.

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The Light Blues started on the right foot and took the lead through Joao Grimaldo, but defensive inattention and – above all – blessed set pieces took their toll. German Cano (double) and Vitor Mendes are back for the ‘flu.

This is how we saw UnoxUno Sporting Cristal against Fluminense in the Conmebol Libertadores. Now it’s time to think about League 1 and River Plate.

He shows that this is a consolidated year under three sticks. Each time they reach their destination safely, and at various times, the savior. He was not directly responsible for the goals he conceded.

Gilmer Lora

5 points

Unlike other times, he was unsure of the ball at his feet and had some issues on his wing. He took too many risks because he wanted to play and almost scored a goal for Fluminense in the first half. He improved in the second half.

Gianfranco Chavez

4 points

complied. As always, they go strong in the splits (something the fans love) and try to close the gaps of the rival. He knows what he is doing when he has the ball at his feet. He had only one mistake: he lost German Cano for Fluminense’s second goal.

Leonardo Diaz

6 points

It was his second game in the Copa Libertadores and his first as a starter in his budding career. At his young age, the player showed a lot of quality and his legs never wavered. A boy to follow.

Jesus Breitel

5 points

He is Sporting Crystal’s gladiator in midfield. A person who puts on overalls and starts working calmly and steadily. He fulfilled his “destruction” job in midfield for most of the game.

Jesus Castillo

5 points

A tough job for a composite midfielder, especially with Fluminense’s suffocating pressure. Likewise, he was able to create dangerous plays and, moreover, aid Grimaldo in his quest for heaven.

Yoshimar Yotun

5 points

It went from less to more in the game. At first it went unnoticed, but he was in his team’s goal. He recovered the ball, created a wall with Sosa and switched bands when the play was called. He ended up playing on the sidelines and was sent off waivers.

Leandro Sosa

4 points

Uruguay’s Little Peruvian was nationalized. He was more concerned with defensive work and almost no improvement in attack. He was in debt.

Brenner Marlowes

4 points

He was far from a competitive target. A lot of meters were collected for entering the game and passing with his teammates. However, his contribution in attack was minimal, an area where he needed to make a change.

Jostin Alarcon

4 points

He was very involved since coming on in the 62nd minute. He always asked for the ball and tried to get forward, but he couldn’t break through.

Irvan Avila

4 points

He entered the toughest moment of the game, with the decision against him. He tried to help in Sangha plays. Fluminance was already well covered behind.

Washington Corso

4 points

Ecuador settled into the game. His first interventions were not the best, but he managed and began to overflow. He had a shot in the stick. Similarly, he gave up the idea of ​​giving more.

Martin Tavara

3 points

He entered on 85 minutes. There is nothing he can do to avoid failure.

Alexander Hoberg

3 points

He entered into the epilogue of the engagement. He ran and sank, but still had little time to show.

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