MLB investigates “suspicious baseball” after Trevor Boyer’s recent trip

The M.L.P. Is being investigated Trevor Boyer After seeing some Balls The suspects they saw on their last voyage in the Majors.

For several months M.L.P. On pitchers who are said to be using banned substances by the 2021 season, especially for the highest paid player in 2021, Trevor Boyer.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the referees collected a number of “Balls “Suspicious baseball balls” with unusual lines and sticky markings Trevor Boyer, Allowed 6 innings with three runs with 10 strikeouts on his last trip.

Rosenthal may not be able to prove that Bauer handled the ball by the league, so it is unclear whether he will regulate him.

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Boer The 29-year-old, who is 6’1 tall at 189 pounds, has about nine seasons M.L.P. He was selected once for the All-Star Game, apparently it will be the Psy Young of the National League, and it will greatly help him to get a mega contract.

Trevor Boyer Was the leading era of the entire National League and in second place M.L.P. At 1.73, he hit 100 strikeouts last season and the fifth-highest innings starter pitch, 73.

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