USA vs Cruz Azul: Why was Faravelli's goal disallowed?

Cruz Azul's goal in the second leg final at Azteca was disallowed by referee Ortiz Nava.

Mexico — Blue Cross managed to open the scoring in the second leg final against America 54 minutes into the second leg final, but the goal was disallowed by two disallowed actions Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava. First for offside and then for a push from the light blue team, one of the Aguilas defenders.

The drama began at the feet of Carlos RodriguezSender a long line Uriel AntonaThe football player who hit his back Christian Calderon. of '7' Blue Cross He didn't get a good reception, which delayed the action and he launched a cross to the second post. Ignacio Rivero Possession won Igor Lichsnovsky, but the title hit the post. The rebound landed on Boots Lorenzo Faravelli, who is responsible for sending the ball into the net. however, Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava canceled the proceedings.

Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava First he made a sign for it Ignacio Rivero Pushed Igor Lichnovsky Catches the ball and then raises his hand to indicate that it is offside and, in addition, indicates which area Uriel Antona He received the ball and then sent the center that sparked everything.

In the first half, controversy focused on a strong entry Rodolfo Rodonti About Alejandro Zendejas Near midfield, an act Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava The footballer was sanctioned with a yellow card Blue CrossSomething like that Felipe Ramos RizoArbitrator ESPNApproved.

“It's a strong play. Where's the action Rotondi He doesn't have the reach to play the ball, but he doesn't play it with too much power either. “So I think the yellow card is correct,” was the analysis Felipe Ramos Rizo Said about the action from the first half of the round.

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