The CNE has suddenly officially announced a 72-hour extension for candidates to switch

A person registers for the post established by the National Electoral Council (CNE) and goes to update the data. EFE/ Rainer Pena R.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) officially announced this Saturday the authorization of a 72-hour extension to allow the transfer of presidential candidacies by all those registered with its organization.

A few minutes later, in a brief release, the CNE confirmed the information presented to it by special journalist Eugenio Martínez.

Edmundo González Urrutia is the right name that stands out at this point, as the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD) unanimously agreed to subscribe to his presidential candidacy after a political dialogue that included María Corina Machado and Manuel Rosales.

Specifically, Governor Rosales of the province of Julia sent a letter to the office of Elvis Amoroso at the CNE to formalize his resignation from the presidential race.

In addition, Angelo Palmeri and Diana Rodríguez, representatives of their party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT), went before the CNE “to enforce the party's access to the candidacy of Edmundo González.”

For its part, the Movimiento Por Venezuela (MPV), represented by Simón Calzadilla, has attempted to enroll González Urrutia on its cover.

In recent hours, both parties have denounced obstructions blocking the process for their respective transitions, which are due to be reflected in voting machines on July 28.

Likewise, González Urutia is already registered on the Democratic Unity Index (MUD) card, which is not challenged by any political factors.

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