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One of the most important aspects of a mobile device, whether it is called an Android cell phone or an iPhone, is the privacy and security of user data, because we all want to feel safe and that our privacy is respected and that we are not being monitored. Also, they deliberately advertised to buy us, so that we were not monitored.

Have you ever searched for Salco on Google and seen ads for that particular product or topic on your social networks on Facebook or Instagram? This is the same kind of spying that happens when you talk to someone and after a few minutes you start to find information about what you were talking about in your search engine or in your social networks and of course they don't imagine it, because it really happens. Today we'll talk to you about how to protect your privacy by disabling Google's microphone so it can't hear you, so pay close attention and learn this new trick.

No More Spying: Disable Google Microphone in 6 Steps

Let's go back to the specific example at the beginning: Have you ever been talking to a friend about something and then see an advertisement on your cell phone? It's no coincidence: Google listens to you through your phone's microphone.

How does he do it? You will surely be surprised how this cross-process happens, which has made millions of people very worried and curious to know, because we told you that Google uses the permissions you give by default on your Android device to record your conversations and use it. Information to show you personalized advertising.

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What can you do to avoid it? If you are hearing this for the first time or you are not sure, we are telling you that you can rest assured because there is a solution for this and it comes with the option to disable Google Microphone and protect your privacy. You only need to follow the following 6 simple steps that we are sharing with you today, so be careful:

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First of all: Open the Google app and tap your profile photo in the top-right corner.

Second: Select Google Account.

Third: Look for the Data and Privacy option. Go to Internet and Application Activity.

Room: Disable the Add voice and audio functionality option.

the fifth: Press Stop saving and confirm, then found. That's it, we're done, now Google can't listen to your private conversations.

Remember that you should be careful when allowing apps to access the microphone, especially if they are not necessary for its functionality. For added security, you can periodically review app permissions on your phone.

As you can see, it is very important to check what permissions you give to the apps you install on your mobile phone because they can access your photos, camera, microphone or your phone's locations. For this reason, we recommend that you periodically review which apps have these permissions. We hope this trick is very useful for you and if you like this post to protect your privacy as much as possible, we suggest you to visit as many times as you like, so you can always learn something new about science, technology, medicine. courses and other topics of social interest. Have a great week.

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