Gerard Pique and Clara Xia's tumultuous episode at the airport. Strong images

when Shakira Exuding laughter and good humor during the triumphant reception of his new album Girls don't cry anymore And his next tour, Gerard PQ It's not shown the same way in public.

Instead, last Friday, the former footballer and his current partner, Clara ChiaThey were involved in a dark episode at Madrid Airport.

The businessman and his girlfriend left a very bad taste in the mouths of those who saw the scene compiled by the gathered news agencies.

Gerard and Clara, with very serious faces and surrounded by security, did not allow anyone to approach. One of her bodyguards got into a nasty argument with a photographer who was trying to take a picture of the couple.

Gerard and Clara.

(Photo by Antonio Gutierrez/Europa Press via Getty Images)

Shakira's ex appeared in the Spanish capital to watch the King's League finals as he was escorted by eight security guards. Something disproportionate to the situation caused great discomfort not only to the media but also to the athletes who left wanting to be congratulated.

One episode was very embarrassing for everyone present and showed Pique's poor relationship with the press. The images exude discomfort and high tension It was in context.

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It is true that his trial in the case of his company Cosmos will bring justice Luis RubialesMaybe Gerrard is worried, so he avoids questions from the media at all costs.

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