Costco will give away free memberships in April 2024 if you meet these requirements

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Costco is one of the most popular stores in Mexico, but despite this, they want to attract more customers and have prepared a strategy for April 2024, what is the theme and how to apply it? You may also like: Seven new Costco stores will open in the United States.

The franchise only allows purchases with a membership, whether attending physical stores or online. This card is paid every period and is available to customers Buy without any restrictions. There are four versions of Costco memberships, each with its own characteristics:

  • Costco Gold Membership: 500 pounds without additional interest.
  • Costco membership works: 500 pounds without additional interest.
  • Costco Executive Gold Membership: 1,100 pesos with 2% bonus on total purchases without taxes (max. 7,500 pesos).
  • Costco Executive Membership: The same advantages as the previous section.

How to get a free Costco membership in April?

Here comes the nitty-gritty: Although they do waive memberships, this gift can only be obtained by signing up for any membership. That is, if you have Gold membershipthey will give you two cards that are completely valid and linked to the same account.

These facilities apply to all membership periods and everything indicates that you will only be able to enjoy this benefit During April 2024. If you need three or more memberships, you will have to Pay an additional 250 pesos With the original fees, as is usually the case at Costco.

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Once you have a Costco membership, you can renew in-store and online, at your convenience. This definition is valid in all branches in Mexico and in the rest of the countries where the business is present, e.g United States, Canada, Japan, etc.

if you are interested Join Costco CustomersDo not hesitate to visit the store closest to your home or visit the official website to find out all the relevant details.

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