González Urrutia highlighted that greater participation is key for the opposition to win in Venezuela.

Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia, presidential candidate of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD) (EFE/ Ronald Peña)

The presidential candidate of the main opposition Savista coalition, Edmundo GonzalezHe pledged this Tuesday that there were three keys to an eventual opposition victory in Venezuela's July 28 presidential elections, among which high citizen participation stood out.

“To restore the institutionality we need to win elections (…) we will do it through three keys: one High participation, international support and high organization in every polling station And at every table,” the candidate pointed out Democratic United Platform (PUD) in an action Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee (Copei), a formation that confirmed its support.

He pointed out KobeA social-Christian party, it has been going through the legal process since 2015. Supreme Court (TSJ), therefore – he said – it is important to explain to voters how to vote in the presidential election.

“Cobe is a historic party that created Venezuelan democracy and was part of the construction of many things that have been destroyed today, such as institutions, public infrastructure, education and health services,” he noted.

He said all political parties, organizations and social sectors are called to the “institutional, economic and social recovery” of the Caribbean nation.

González Urrutia promised to work with the Unitary Platform and the opposition leader “with great effort.” Maria Corina Machado, And so begins the “Institutional Venezuela of Growth and Opportunities for All.”

The PUD, the largest opposition Savista group, chose González Urrutia for the presidential elections after a justice upheld the political disqualification of Machado, who had been elected in primaries to run for the presidency.

A man exercises his right to vote in an election in Venezuela, in an archive photo (EFE/ Miguel Gutiérrez)

On the other hand, the European union (EU) gives Loss The Election Monitoring Mission For the presidential election Venezuela After a confrontation with Caracas, the National Electoral Council (CNE) withdrew its call to carry out the deployment.

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Several diplomatic sources have confirmed to the company Europa Press It is at this point that observers are sent to follow the election process.”Very unlikely”, although not yet final, it is in the hands of the High Representative for EU Foreign Policy, Joseph BorrellBased on initial reports from a survey mission that went to Venezuela in April to prepare the ground.

99% sure no EU job“Another source points out. In Brussels, the Caracas maneuver is seen as a hostile gesture to the presence of the EU in the country, and they believe that withdrawing the invitation is tantamount to canceling the mission.

The venture was finalized pending a management agreement with the Caribbean country's authorities. In social capital they refer to this hierarchy as a “Expected“Caracas maneuvers to stay in power in the face of negative polls for Nicolás Maduro's ambitions.

Apart from the European Union, US asks Venezuelan authorities to allow European election monitoring mission It is understood that this action is contrary to the pledges to uphold the integrity of the electoral process in Barbados. Washington in his “Deep concern” He asked Caracas to withdraw the notification for the decision to withdraw the offer.

(with information from EFE and EP)

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