The best goalkeeper of Honduras, a true classic, is he already considered an idol in Marathon?


He Marathon One of the teams that can maintain security in goal after the signing Cesar SamudioA goalkeeper of Panamanian nationality, he has already tested Canalero’s conditions.

But nothing is free for the goalkeeper, flying like a hawk from right to left and top to bottom in the frame and blowing his team’s fans into the bag with his incredible saves. He has given security and confidence to the team, coaching staff and green fans with his spectacular flights

Samudio, what did you do to earn the respect and affection of the fans?

“Well, I try to keep myself as a player as everybody else. I try to rely on my teammates to make me strong in games. I don’t consider myself an important person, but just another player like anyone else. When I put on a marathon shirt, it’s not just any sweater, but the spirit of everyone who comes to support us and I feel that it helps me and motivates me all the way, and that’s why I show that commitment.

Today, do you consider yourself an idol of Purslane fans?

“No, no, I don’t consider myself a marathon idol, you have to win important things for the team like the idol players of the company won. I need a lot to be an idol. Yes, it’s nice to hear people chanting my name at games. They show their love on social networks and on the field, the fans notice it, that’s why they support me in this way. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a hobby, I hope they are at some point.

In this Apertura marathon, they lost 1-0 against Olancho and defeated Vida 2-0, but the Panamanian national team thinks the team has more rope.

“It is difficult to describe or qualify the team because good players have come in, many have left, and now we are playing with a good foundation and we understand each other well. The manager is still looking at the players and evaluating how some reinforcements work when they are signed to play. Some details need to be fine-tuned. , but you also have to take into account what the competitors are playing and at some point they can win the game. The real marathon remains to be seen,” he opined.

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The former player of his country’s independent club Atlético feels the pressure to become a champion after five years without a title, fans are asking.

“The big teams are asserting themselves for titles and it’s up to us to fight for them to close the gap of many years.”

The defender, who has signed a contract until 2026, is not currently considered the best in the Honduran league, despite his impressive performances.

“I respect the work of other colleagues from other teams in the league, I only consider myself a player who gives everything to the marathon and I sweat the shirt,” he said.

Who are your top three goalkeepers in the Honduran league?

I love the way Olympia’s Eric Menjivar plays, he manages the box well and has a brutal reaction; In second place is Harold Fonseca from Olancho, he has a good position and is decisive in matches and Michael Perello from Real Espana, I have seen him in very good form. “Obviously, if Luis “Buba” Lopez plays, I’ll put him in the top, I can fight there, but I leave it to third parties, I don’t want to be proud of myself”.

Comparing the size of the Honduran league to Panama, he reveals: “What I see in the Panama League is that the teams have a game plan, they are not very different, they play in the same style. While all the levels of teams vary in this Honduran league, you can get a stronger, faster opponent. You may face an opponent with a good ball possession or another who plays very vertically. The level of preparation of the players for each game varies, there is a significant difference, which gives this league a level above others”.

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For you, what is the Honduran League Classic?

“Respecting the most successful teams, Olimpia and Motagua, I think they take the classic teams, take that plate without leaving the other Honduran teams, there are four like Marathon and Real España, which can be placed in the classic combo. Their competition.

Regarding the post of Olympic fans on social networks, “Imagine Cesar Samudio playing for Olympia next season”, the channeler commented:

“Well, now I’m focusing on the marathon, I want to achieve important things here. I don’t know what will happen over the years and what my future holds. It didn’t cross my mind.”

And in the pulse of the city’s power. What do you think of the San Pedro Sula team?

“The marathon showed me things I never experienced when it came to respecting the fans of Real España,” he said.

Panamanian goalkeepers such as Ricardo James and Donaldo González, he acknowledges, inspire him to leave behind his name and the name of Panama, crossing over to Honduran football, “When they told me I was coming to Honduras, I thought they were leaving a legacy here. Am I not disappointed, another of the Panamanian goalkeepers I want to open doors for the group as well”.

Regarding the visit of the Honduran national team, Colombian coach Reynaldo Ruda said that he is a great coach who has achieved many achievements with Honduras in the past and this motivates the players a lot. can win.”

Regarding the dispute between Edric Menjivar and Bupa for the right to score for Honduras, he thinks both are very good goalkeepers and whoever performs better will start, while Harold Fonseca has the ability to fight for the right. The goalkeeper dared to talk about the state of football of the Honduran and Panamanian teams.

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“The latest statistics make us the first in Central America, but there is a great team in Honduras that suffered many casualties in the last Gold Cup, and that will not happen again. They have an iron choice “, he explained.

Samudio attributes Panamanian soccer’s prowess to the experience many Panamanian players have gained playing in various leagues around the world, adding, “During the tournament it hits us.”

The United States, Mexico and Canada still have a long way to go to qualify for the 2026 World Cup, but the goalkeeper presents a big fight for qualification, “It’s not easy because CONCACAF powers the United States. Canada and Mexico are not in the competition. It’s central teams like Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and El Salvador It’s going to be a tough fight between American teams. It’s going to be a tough battle.”

What’s a Central American classic for you?

“Let’s say it’s Costa Rica-Honduras, for me that’s a classic, but now my country’s team has to be measured like that, and they’ve earned it.” To conclude, Samudio explained why it is difficult for Honduras to beat Panama: “It’s like a separate game, it’s a classic, like now there’s a Costa Rica-Panama classic. El Salvador and Guatemala have improved.

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